Monday, October 27, 2014

October Tusal

Hi, Like always I'm late. I'm sorry my blog is neglected but my camera is not working. I have to use my cell phone as camera and upload the pictures from there and kind of hard and time consuming. But know I have time and here I show my October useless post. I have not stop cross stitching. I'm a one time stitcher and working on the same project but can t finish yet. As soon I'm done I will post more pictures and come post more on the blog. Well I leave you with a picture and back next month take your friend Lizy.  photo 2e25b376-ba74-424f-9518-e291441c77ca_zps484506ef.jpg

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm all right!!!!

Hi, I'm sorry if I have not been posting lately!!!! I my camera was not working!!!! Now is just working perfectly fine so I will come next month!!!! Well I will let you go and I'm in perfect health!!!! Thank you see you next month. Your friend Lizy :-) !!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

July's Tusal and some pictures...

Hi, I'm a bit late like always!!!! I will be showing you on what I been keeping myself busy!!!! Well I'm stitching on friends picture. I have not reach the still... But I have 12 1/2 pages to go. Well I hope I will be finish by this December. I have almost a full tusal useless threads for the month of July. Well I'm not coming the month of August going to see my friend in San Antonio. I will be back till September the 2nd so that's is kind of late. This month I have been doing some different craft it is so much fun and time consuming!!! Also a bit challenging!!!! I being that my once bought the Rainbow Loom and I started making bracelets. I will tell you the truth the bracelets I made never came out. So then I saw an Orchid I took three months cause I was just making in the weekends. One day I say let me try making today int the morning so completed!!!! My mom loved the Orchid it is her favorite flower. My dad even said look like a real Orchid. Then I made some bears they are pink!!! For a baby girl. The last thing I made was a Crazy Daisy. It took two days beacause I could not figure it out. I leave you with some pictures and July's tusal. I know I'm not showing any cross stich pictures but please come back and visit my blog!!! I love to read new comments. Thank for stopping by your friend Liz. Till next time!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Hi, I got this questions off She says she got from youtube. Well I'm kind of afraid to go on front of a camera and say what I think. I say why not written down on my blog. 1. How did you start? How introduced you to cross stitching??? I started cross stitching when I went on Spring Break to see my aunt she introduced me but she did not have any patience on me so I had to learn on my own. 2. Favorite theme or designer?? My favorite theme is designing pictures from persons and stitching. I also like Gloria&Pat. I enjoy Precious Moments Leisure Arts books, Stoney Creek, and Lizzies Kate . Sorry I do not like any type of samplers. 3. What brand of floss do you use? I only use Dmc but when there is a chart that asks for anchor I use that. 4. My fabric of choice? My fabric of choice is aida. It's my favorite!!!!! 5. Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker? I'm a floss licker. 6. What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or other wise holder ) do you use? I hold with my hands I do not use any. 7. How many projects have you finished? 54 and counting !!!! 8. How many completed works are hanging in your house? 8 projects are least hanging from my wall. 9. Do you stitch for gifts or keep for yourself? Mostly as gifts but know I keep them for myself. 10. Favorite finished stitched piece? My favorite stitched piece was when I stitched my sister and she never knew I was making her!!! 11. Worst experience while stitching??when you do not finish a project!!!! 12. What do love and hate about cross stitch??? I love you get amazing picture when you finish!!!! I when you least leave undone and also can't find a mistake!!!!! 13. Have you introduced any one to cross stitch? Yes but they say they do not have the patience to continue. 14. The first project did you finish it? Yes I did!!!! 15. How do you store your floss? I buy as I start a project and sometimes keep them on bobbins or envelopes. You can add pictures if you want!!!! I leave you with some of my finishes through out the years!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Vactions and June Tusal !!!!!

Hi, My summer been great!!!! The last week of May I went and visit my friend!!! I had so much fun. We did couple of recipes. They came out great!!!! Well as for stitching I think my blog looks abandon it. But I have been stitching but still on the same project I still need to finish that and when I finish I will be posting more pictures. Well please come back and visit, your friend Lizy. I leave you with a picture of my tusal  photo d11a643d-dd2d-482a-9011-3d033381c267_zps9ce72064.jpg

Monday, May 5, 2014

My birthday, blog anniversay and April tusal !!!!!

Hello, A bit late like always in April I celebrated my birthday!!!! Wow I turn 35 years old. I cant believe how old I'm. We had a gathering with my family. It was fun cause we also celebrated Easter. I lost but my blog turn a year older Happy birthday to my blog. I also collected April tusal. Wow I think this year has gone quite fast!!!! I cant believe we all ready in May. Happy mothers day especially to my mom. All moms how read my blog. I leave you with my April tusal picture have a nice week. I started on project from last year that I did finish I will show next time. Well come back and visit my blog please. till next time your friend Lizy. Have a nice week.  photo 329afa01-7c05-4183-9e9b-48acd2aeafb7_zps1a5d11a3.jpg

Sunday, April 6, 2014

march tusal

Hi, sorry I promise next month I won't be that late!!!! Here I show March tusal. also still working on that picture!!! Well almost 14 1/2 pages to go!!! I think I need to start updating my blog more often so I can get more comments!!!!. Well have a nice week and see you next Sunday!!! See you I promise to bring more pictures. Guess what I my blog is turning a year older and also my birthday is coming up. O wow a little older now!!!! till next week your friend Lizy. March Tusal photo ddf42d33-a9aa-44f7-b316-d4b6128a5fb2_zpsa00c0cd7.jpg

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Tusal and a loom finish

Hi, Yes I have cross stitch, but as for now I'm not cross stitching for my self or a family member or a friend. I making a cross tribute for a friend for a daughter so I cant share a picture. I'm sorry. It is a surprise for her daughter and adding pictures may ruin the surprise for her. I still have my tusal of March!!!!. I keep to I will finsih for that person. Well in the month of February I did a MiMi Mouse hat. I did it for my niece and it was so much fun to do. Now I'm making one for my friends daughter. Well I leave you with two pictures. I have learn how to loop method and is so much fun!!!! March 1 tusal photo 100_1135_zps70ae2037.jpg miniie mouse hat photo 100_1133_zpsde43e3de.jpg

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Tusal

Hi, I did not come this weekend. Nothing new to share!!! Please come back and visit my blog. I do want to have comments. Well today is January second Tusal. I have stitched. I'm just the back ground so nothing new to share. Well Here I leave you with my picture. Take and will come back next Sunday.  photo 4a85c909-b5e2-463d-9bad-d6cd5c54369b_zpsa61aff46.jpg

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some pictures to share

Hi, Like I said I'm coming every weekend to write something on my blog!!!! Please come back and visit. I said in the last post I have done several activities. Well I show you later all the pictures I have to share with you. I did one head band it protects you from the cold. A cowl for your neck. I love doing all this activities. Then some valentines cards with my sizzix machine. A rose, owl and cupcake. Well I'm doing all that I have some time to cross stitch. One Of my cousins face is almost complete. I hope by next week I have some more to show. Well have a nice week and see you next weekend!!! Please come back leave me a comment. It makes me so happy to read them!!! Well I leave you with the pictures I been talking about. Till next time your friend Lizy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things I have done over the week!!!!

Hi, How are you I hope fine!!!! The things I have done over this week. I have cross stitch, loom knitting, and also made some valentines cards with my sizzix machine. Well a little description on cross stitch I have done some more on my twins cousins. You can now see her face. On the the loom knitting I have done several scarfs and slippers. The scrapbooking I have done 4 valentines cards. I get really excited doing all this crafts. Well next weekend I will share some pictures with you on all my three crafts. Well I know you have to see pictures so you can leave me comments but at least come and visit my blog once in a while. Take care have a nice week your friend Lizzy.See you next week!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Tusal and update!!!!!

Hi, Happy New year 2014. I hope all your stitching goals get completed!!!! I hope my can get completed as well. This year I will not start on new projects as now. I trying to finish the ones I have not finish. Well I leave you with January Tusal. Well also promise to update my blog every Friday. Till next time your friend Lizy. Have good 2014 !!!!