Monday, March 21, 2011

A finish!!!

I was gone some time but I was working on a on a new project. I took some time and did not get to finish for my cousin wedding. She got marry this March 12, 2011!!!! Congralulations Cristy and I hope all your dreams come true! My next two projects are is one is for my friend after 19 years of not knowing where she was I got see her again this past October. My second project will be a picture of my mom parents my grandparents. They don't know I will be stitching a picture of them it will be a suprise and I wont let my mom see till I finish. I hope this time I will keep my word and update every Friday!!!! Till now this is all I will leave you with my cousin gift!!!! I will back next week. Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving comments it makes so happy :) !!!!!