Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As of now.......

Hi, I know is the time for February is over.I'm still working on February ornament I hope by this weekend I'm finish and can post a picture on Wednesday of next week. Also this month after getting well I did not feel like cross stitching anymore. I said no way I can I give up this hobby so I started a little by little again. Well I hope you come back when post I pictures and thank you Mylene for your well wishes I doing great again!!!! Well till next time your friend Lizette.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February useless stitch a long.

Hi, As for the month of February I did not get to stitch that much. I got sick towards the end of January. Now I'm feeling much better now. I stitch on my cousins and some angels. I will post the angels when I'm finish with them. Well I leave you with picture and I hope you can come visit my blog thank you Lizette. February 2013 photo cb01a1f9-daa1-424c-aac3-24b46b741b95_zpsd42d3e4c.jpg