Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Tusal

Hi, I did not come this weekend. Nothing new to share!!! Please come back and visit my blog. I do want to have comments. Well today is January second Tusal. I have stitched. I'm just the back ground so nothing new to share. Well Here I leave you with my picture. Take and will come back next Sunday.  photo 4a85c909-b5e2-463d-9bad-d6cd5c54369b_zpsa61aff46.jpg

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some pictures to share

Hi, Like I said I'm coming every weekend to write something on my blog!!!! Please come back and visit. I said in the last post I have done several activities. Well I show you later all the pictures I have to share with you. I did one head band it protects you from the cold. A cowl for your neck. I love doing all this activities. Then some valentines cards with my sizzix machine. A rose, owl and cupcake. Well I'm doing all that I have some time to cross stitch. One Of my cousins face is almost complete. I hope by next week I have some more to show. Well have a nice week and see you next weekend!!! Please come back leave me a comment. It makes me so happy to read them!!! Well I leave you with the pictures I been talking about. Till next time your friend Lizy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things I have done over the week!!!!

Hi, How are you I hope fine!!!! The things I have done over this week. I have cross stitch, loom knitting, and also made some valentines cards with my sizzix machine. Well a little description on cross stitch I have done some more on my twins cousins. You can now see her face. On the the loom knitting I have done several scarfs and slippers. The scrapbooking I have done 4 valentines cards. I get really excited doing all this crafts. Well next weekend I will share some pictures with you on all my three crafts. Well I know you have to see pictures so you can leave me comments but at least come and visit my blog once in a while. Take care have a nice week your friend Lizzy.See you next week!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Tusal and update!!!!!

Hi, Happy New year 2014. I hope all your stitching goals get completed!!!! I hope my can get completed as well. This year I will not start on new projects as now. I trying to finish the ones I have not finish. Well I leave you with January Tusal. Well also promise to update my blog every Friday. Till next time your friend Lizy. Have good 2014 !!!!