Sunday, April 6, 2014

march tusal

Hi, sorry I promise next month I won't be that late!!!! Here I show March tusal. also still working on that picture!!! Well almost 14 1/2 pages to go!!! I think I need to start updating my blog more often so I can get more comments!!!!. Well have a nice week and see you next Sunday!!! See you I promise to bring more pictures. Guess what I my blog is turning a year older and also my birthday is coming up. O wow a little older now!!!! till next week your friend Lizy. March Tusal photo ddf42d33-a9aa-44f7-b316-d4b6128a5fb2_zpsa00c0cd7.jpg

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Tusal and a loom finish

Hi, Yes I have cross stitch, but as for now I'm not cross stitching for my self or a family member or a friend. I making a cross tribute for a friend for a daughter so I cant share a picture. I'm sorry. It is a surprise for her daughter and adding pictures may ruin the surprise for her. I still have my tusal of March!!!!. I keep to I will finsih for that person. Well in the month of February I did a MiMi Mouse hat. I did it for my niece and it was so much fun to do. Now I'm making one for my friends daughter. Well I leave you with two pictures. I have learn how to loop method and is so much fun!!!! March 1 tusal photo 100_1135_zps70ae2037.jpg miniie mouse hat photo 100_1133_zpsde43e3de.jpg

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Tusal

Hi, I did not come this weekend. Nothing new to share!!! Please come back and visit my blog. I do want to have comments. Well today is January second Tusal. I have stitched. I'm just the back ground so nothing new to share. Well Here I leave you with my picture. Take and will come back next Sunday.  photo 4a85c909-b5e2-463d-9bad-d6cd5c54369b_zpsa61aff46.jpg

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some pictures to share

Hi, Like I said I'm coming every weekend to write something on my blog!!!! Please come back and visit. I said in the last post I have done several activities. Well I show you later all the pictures I have to share with you. I did one head band it protects you from the cold. A cowl for your neck. I love doing all this activities. Then some valentines cards with my sizzix machine. A rose, owl and cupcake. Well I'm doing all that I have some time to cross stitch. One Of my cousins face is almost complete. I hope by next week I have some more to show. Well have a nice week and see you next weekend!!! Please come back leave me a comment. It makes me so happy to read them!!! Well I leave you with the pictures I been talking about. Till next time your friend Lizy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things I have done over the week!!!!

Hi, How are you I hope fine!!!! The things I have done over this week. I have cross stitch, loom knitting, and also made some valentines cards with my sizzix machine. Well a little description on cross stitch I have done some more on my twins cousins. You can now see her face. On the the loom knitting I have done several scarfs and slippers. The scrapbooking I have done 4 valentines cards. I get really excited doing all this crafts. Well next weekend I will share some pictures with you on all my three crafts. Well I know you have to see pictures so you can leave me comments but at least come and visit my blog once in a while. Take care have a nice week your friend Lizzy.See you next week!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Tusal and update!!!!!

Hi, Happy New year 2014. I hope all your stitching goals get completed!!!! I hope my can get completed as well. This year I will not start on new projects as now. I trying to finish the ones I have not finish. Well I leave you with January Tusal. Well also promise to update my blog every Friday. Till next time your friend Lizy. Have good 2014 !!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New update!!!!

Hi, I hope you all doing fine. I have finish a halloween ornament for my sister and one page of my cousins picture!!!! Well I let you go and hope you come back and take a look !!!! Have an awesome day your friend Lizzy. I also please leave me a comment it makes me really happy!!!!