Monday, October 27, 2014

October Tusal

Hi, Like always I'm late. I'm sorry my blog is neglected but my camera is not working. I have to use my cell phone as camera and upload the pictures from there and kind of hard and time consuming. But know I have time and here I show my October useless post. I have not stop cross stitching. I'm a one time stitcher and working on the same project but can t finish yet. As soon I'm done I will post more pictures and come post more on the blog. Well I leave you with a picture and back next month take your friend Lizy.  photo 2e25b376-ba74-424f-9518-e291441c77ca_zps484506ef.jpg

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  1. Great TUSAL pic, Lizy. If you have a smart phone there is a free App called Flick which you can download onto both your phone and your computer which allows you to literally flick your photos from one device to another instantly.


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