Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is what it looks like now.

Today was a little special day for my cats. I had to take for there vaccines shots. Well Pistacho was nervous and he did not want get in his crate. So my mom help me out. So finally Pistacho was in his crate and we took him on his way he was a little nervous and he got there everything was okay with him. While with Missy she was crying but I did not have any problem putting her in the crate. We got there she was more calm. that was for my pets. After I did all that I finish stitching the bear and I have a picture to show you all. This has been for part of the weekend. See you all Lizette. Also thank you Mrs. Becca for leaving me a comment.

Ahora fue un dia especial para mi gatos los lleve a vacunar a Missy no le gusto tanto estaba llorando y Pistacho estaba un poco nervioso despues que ya viene me puse a bordar y termine el oso grizzly que tengo una foto que eseñarles. Bueno a hasta luego Lizette.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It was not a good day !!!!

For today I do not have an update on the bear. I have to undo what I was stitching. I hate it. I miss counted and added extra stitch. I was so sad. I thought I was going to be finish with the first bear on Friday but I think that will take me an extra day. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Ahora no tengo nada nuevo en el oso tuve que desvaratar lo que hise. No conte bien y llene un cuadrito mas. Estaba bien triste. Creia que iva terminar con el primer oso el viernes pero ahora me va tomar un dia mas. Espero que mañana sea un dia mejor. Saludos Lizette

Monday, March 23, 2009

What I'm doing today

Today I'm working on my cousin's bears. The bear I decided to do first is the Grizzly bear. This was on Friday. This threw out the weekend and as of Monday. There are two bears But first I will work on one and then on the second one. Thank you Mrs.Kimberly for your nice comments. After all I was not able to put the two pictures.

Ahora estoy trajando en los osos de mi primo. El oso que voy a hacer primero es un oso Grizzly. Esta foto era cuando apenas comensaba el viernes. Y la segunda foto es durante todo el fin de semana. Hay dos osos pero primero voy hacer unod y despues el otro. Gracias Señora Kimberly por sus lindos commentarios. Siempre no puede poner dos fotos. Saludos Lizette

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today I separate my floss

today I separate the bears floss. I did not get to stitch but I will try tonight. Well bye Lizette.

Hola no borde siempre tuve que seperar las ilasas espero ahora en la noche. Bueno saludos Lizette

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is what I will start now

I will be stitching my cousin blanket of bears first I just need to wash the piece of fabric. I think tomorrow I will start as soon as I have a picture I post one. As for my cousin present I have not yet given to her. I think that will be next Sunday.I hope so cause is been some time. Well see you bye.

Hola ya puedo bordar la colchita de mi primo de osos. Lo primero que tengo que hacer es lavar la tela. Ya mañana voy a comensar. Asi como el regalo de mi prima todavia no se lo doy. Creo que va ser el proximo domingo bueno esto es todo por ahorita saludos Lizette

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A small finish

Hi well I just finish this. This was a small one. I finish it for my sister's friend. Well thank you Mrs. Louise for leaving me a comment. It was nice of you. Well here is a picture of what I finish. I'm off to make dinner.

Hola hoy apenas termine esto . Este cuadro esta pequeño. Lo termine para una amiga de mi hermana. Gracias Sra. Louise por sus lindos commentarios. Y esta es la foto que termine. Saludos porque ya me voy a hacer de cenar Lizette