Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A small finish

Hi well I just finish this. This was a small one. I finish it for my sister's friend. Well thank you Mrs. Louise for leaving me a comment. It was nice of you. Well here is a picture of what I finish. I'm off to make dinner.

Hola hoy apenas termine esto . Este cuadro esta pequeño. Lo termine para una amiga de mi hermana. Gracias Sra. Louise por sus lindos commentarios. Y esta es la foto que termine. Saludos porque ya me voy a hacer de cenar Lizette


  1. HOw cute Lizi. Congrats on a new finish. I put my new finish on here today too . I made a dragonfly for my daughter Caity . I feel like starting something new tonight. hmmm what will it be, what will it be?Take care,Kimberly

  2. Hola chiquita,cada dia te avientas mas en tus diseños,te quiero mucho tu mama


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