Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is what it looks like now.

Today was a little special day for my cats. I had to take for there vaccines shots. Well Pistacho was nervous and he did not want get in his crate. So my mom help me out. So finally Pistacho was in his crate and we took him on his way he was a little nervous and he got there everything was okay with him. While with Missy she was crying but I did not have any problem putting her in the crate. We got there she was more calm. that was for my pets. After I did all that I finish stitching the bear and I have a picture to show you all. This has been for part of the weekend. See you all Lizette. Also thank you Mrs. Becca for leaving me a comment.

Ahora fue un dia especial para mi gatos los lleve a vacunar a Missy no le gusto tanto estaba llorando y Pistacho estaba un poco nervioso despues que ya viene me puse a bordar y termine el oso grizzly que tengo una foto que eseƱarles. Bueno a hasta luego Lizette.


  1. very nice progress on the bear!

  2. Lizy espero que muy pronto lo termines, tu mama

  3. lizy espero que muy pronto lo termines, tu mama


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