Saturday, April 13, 2013

A little update

Hi, I was busy this week so I was not able to post my pictures. As now I counted I had two finishes for the month of March and lots work in progress for the month of April. Well as my ornaments I'm still working on them!!! I'm working on a March ornament I been looking for ideas on how to finish. Do you know of any ideas on how to finish ornaments???? Cause I'm really running out of ideas on finishing them!!!! Well I leave you with three pictures. One is of my cousins they are twins, the next one is of some angels I'm doing them over cause I miscalculated the fabric. The last one was an Easter finish for my sister, I know way pass Easter But I need to share with you!!!!! Can you believe this my blog is celebrating 5 years !!! My mom could not believe when I told her and I could not believe it either!!!! Oh Wow time has pass!!!! Well I hope you come back and visit me and please leave me a comment thank you your friend Lizette.  photo e3b3de2a-7ed7-472f-9f5c-97c2c91cdbd0_zps361e7c5c.jpg  photo 4e12cb03-4238-4368-8b76-dc2c55756b07_zps6d84c2d4.jpg Hoppy Easter 2013 photo 3d9d3cb8-936d-44a9-86a2-22a25f77a631_zpse0c207c7.jpg

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Tusal

Hi, I have come to show I have stitch this month more then ever!!! I don't have any finish projects!!! I will be posting pictures of my tusal jar today. Early in the morning I will add pictures of what have I been stitching. Well till tomorrow and I hope you come visit my blog and leave me a comment thank again Lizette. April's tusal photo fa2c2bbc-6e4e-4ca2-85a6-5d8afaf48633_zps5541cd47.jpg

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I do not know what I was thinking!!!!

Hi, I was telling my friend I still have another week for March!!!! She said no Lizy we are in April all ready!!!! Oh my I' all ready way behind. So that means now I have to catch up March and April ornaments!!!! Well I hope to get them done this weekend till next time Lizette.