Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi a little update on Grandparents!!!!

Hi, Thank you Shari and Milly for the comments. It makes me so happy you leave me a comment on my blog. Well I was getting boring stitching my grandma blouse so I decided lets hop. Over to grandpas shirt. I have done some but not that much. How exciting I finally reaching the end. I hope next week I have more of grandpas shirt and I will be able to post a picture. Thanks again for visiting and leaving me comments and please don't forget to stop by and leave me comments. Have a safe 4th of July!!!! Your friend Lizette.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grandmas blouse!!!!

Hello, Thank you for coming over and visiting my blog. It make me so happy to receive a comments!!!! This year time have fly!!! I don't know where has it gone!!!! Oh well I have finish my grandma blouse. Now I will be working on two more pages and from there I will need 4 more I will be finish!!! May be it will ready for next year!!!! I also like to share with you this picture I bought last weekend I enjoy so much I always wanted one. My room is kind of mess up!!! So I brought it to show you. Well is a model made of metal I think it so pretty!!! As of now this is it please come and visit my blog and don't forget leave a comment!!! Thanks again your friend Lizette.