Friday, April 29, 2011

A little tiny finish!!!!!

It been one of my favorite times of the year!!!! I celebrated two things and had a tiny little finish!!!! My grandparents I'm still working on it but can you belive it I have not gotten to there hair and I kind of getting frustating. But I know a little step at time it will take to my grandparents hair and then to the face and shirts till I get to the finish. I know my grandparents will be so happy :) when they received it!!!! I aslo celebrated my birthday I turn a year older like my friend told me we are turning into old ladys !!!! For my birthday this year I did not get any x stitch things but I got I always dreaming about the famous WII!!!! I spend time playing on it that I enjoy it so much!!!!!! The last thing is that I'm celebrating my 3rd blog anniversary I'm so happy!!!! I know when I first started my blog I did not have friends but know I have some that make me feel so speacial and speacially when my friends leave me comments!!!! Well I think this all and I will be back next Friday to show an update on my grandparents and here is the tiny finish!!!!! till next time Lizette

Friday, April 1, 2011

A new update

I will post my grandparents and friends project. I will now come every month till I have more to show!!!! Thank you all for leaving me comments and I will still go and visit my friend blogs. See you in a month from now bye!!! Here is the picture!!!!