Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A small finish!!!

This is a short post!!! I would like to share my last finish for the 2010!!! Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving comments and wishing a merry Xmas and happy year !!! I had so much fun now that my sister and brothers are away!!! We had full house!!!! Well here is my picture of my latest finish. My sister likes Tatty Tedy I was not able to finish for Xmas but I'm going to give to her on New Year's eve. I hope this year I get to do her blanket too !!! So she says I did not forget!!! Well I think I'm writing too much here goes my latest finish!!! I wish You the best for the 2011 !!!!!! I wish all your dreams come true!!! See you till next time Lizette


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hi, I know I have not here for a while!!!! But I been preparing for Xmas!!! Well I finish a couple. But right now I'm trying to figure the last one cause I think I have a big error!!! But like Xmas is getting closer I think I'm going to leave like that or cover it!!!! I have almost finish my thread ripping and ripping!!!! I hope I can get finish before today !!!! What I'm getting for Xmas is year full of cross stitch stuff!!! I'm so excited now I need to know what would I like!!!! Well as for cross stiching as I was saying before I finish a Beatles, a little a cat and I'm trying to finish a Tatty teddy!!!! Well thank you all for visiting my blog during this year and I hope you visit next year too !!! Thank you for your comments it makes me so happy!!! Till next time Lizette.