Thursday, August 7, 2014

July's Tusal and some pictures...

Hi, I'm a bit late like always!!!! I will be showing you on what I been keeping myself busy!!!! Well I'm stitching on friends picture. I have not reach the still... But I have 12 1/2 pages to go. Well I hope I will be finish by this December. I have almost a full tusal useless threads for the month of July. Well I'm not coming the month of August going to see my friend in San Antonio. I will be back till September the 2nd so that's is kind of late. This month I have been doing some different craft it is so much fun and time consuming!!! Also a bit challenging!!!! I being that my once bought the Rainbow Loom and I started making bracelets. I will tell you the truth the bracelets I made never came out. So then I saw an Orchid I took three months cause I was just making in the weekends. One day I say let me try making today int the morning so completed!!!! My mom loved the Orchid it is her favorite flower. My dad even said look like a real Orchid. Then I made some bears they are pink!!! For a baby girl. The last thing I made was a Crazy Daisy. It took two days beacause I could not figure it out. I leave you with some pictures and July's tusal. I know I'm not showing any cross stich pictures but please come back and visit my blog!!! I love to read new comments. Thank for stopping by your friend Liz. Till next time!!!!

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