Sunday, July 6, 2014


Hi, I got this questions off She says she got from youtube. Well I'm kind of afraid to go on front of a camera and say what I think. I say why not written down on my blog. 1. How did you start? How introduced you to cross stitching??? I started cross stitching when I went on Spring Break to see my aunt she introduced me but she did not have any patience on me so I had to learn on my own. 2. Favorite theme or designer?? My favorite theme is designing pictures from persons and stitching. I also like Gloria&Pat. I enjoy Precious Moments Leisure Arts books, Stoney Creek, and Lizzies Kate . Sorry I do not like any type of samplers. 3. What brand of floss do you use? I only use Dmc but when there is a chart that asks for anchor I use that. 4. My fabric of choice? My fabric of choice is aida. It's my favorite!!!!! 5. Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker? I'm a floss licker. 6. What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or other wise holder ) do you use? I hold with my hands I do not use any. 7. How many projects have you finished? 54 and counting !!!! 8. How many completed works are hanging in your house? 8 projects are least hanging from my wall. 9. Do you stitch for gifts or keep for yourself? Mostly as gifts but know I keep them for myself. 10. Favorite finished stitched piece? My favorite stitched piece was when I stitched my sister and she never knew I was making her!!! 11. Worst experience while stitching??when you do not finish a project!!!! 12. What do love and hate about cross stitch??? I love you get amazing picture when you finish!!!! I when you least leave undone and also can't find a mistake!!!!! 13. Have you introduced any one to cross stitch? Yes but they say they do not have the patience to continue. 14. The first project did you finish it? Yes I did!!!! 15. How do you store your floss? I buy as I start a project and sometimes keep them on bobbins or envelopes. You can add pictures if you want!!!! I leave you with some of my finishes through out the years!!!!


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