Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Tusal and a loom finish

Hi, Yes I have cross stitch, but as for now I'm not cross stitching for my self or a family member or a friend. I making a cross tribute for a friend for a daughter so I cant share a picture. I'm sorry. It is a surprise for her daughter and adding pictures may ruin the surprise for her. I still have my tusal of March!!!!. I keep to I will finsih for that person. Well in the month of February I did a MiMi Mouse hat. I did it for my niece and it was so much fun to do. Now I'm making one for my friends daughter. Well I leave you with two pictures. I have learn how to loop method and is so much fun!!!! March 1 tusal photo 100_1135_zps70ae2037.jpg miniie mouse hat photo 100_1133_zpsde43e3de.jpg

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  1. Nice to see you! I enjoyed the MiMi Mouse hat!
    Good week!


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