Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm still here !!!!

Hello, I know is been some time I have been gone!!! I kept myself busy stitching on my grandma blouse. I also celebrated my b-day. I spent part on the road and the other part visiting my brother. This is my fifth year with my blog. I'm so happy. Thank you Shari and Mylene for leaving me comments> I hope after I'm finish with my grandparents I would be able to give out something. Well this all thank you for coming and visiting my blog it make so happy and I hope you at least leave me a comment!!!!! Thanks again your friend Lizette.


  1. your grandparents are coming along so nicely Lizy..Keep it up! What a special project this is!

  2. You sure moving great with your grandparents piece.

    Belated Happy Birthday!!

  3. HI,
    Thank you for your comments!!!! This project is so special to me!!!

  4. Hello

    Happy belated birthday wishes!

    Your project is so lovely, I love the way your grandparents are emerging from the fabric.

    I like your Marge Simpson piece too!
    Happy stitching!


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