Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Update!!!

Hello, Well first of all I like to wish you a Happy Late Easter!!!!! I wish you spend you had a good one!!!! For this year I made some little duck and sheep for my mom coworkers and inside I add some chocolate!!!! They like them so much!!!! Now on to my grandparents I have finish 4 pages all ready. I still need 8 more pages to go. Well at least I finish there faces all ready. Than you Tammy for leaving me a comment. I hope you all can come visit my blog and visit and leave me comments. Well thank you I leave you till next time Lizette. Here are some of the pictures I like to share with you!!!


  1. what a cute idea for your mom's coworkers! I bet they loved them!
    And your grandparents piece is looking great....

  2. Such little cuties you've stitched for Easter.
    Your Grandparents is looking gorgeous!


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