Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trick O Treat bags finish

HI, Thank you for the positive comments!!! Well I was gone some time!!! The time I was gone I was doing my friends and sister halloween ornaments and trick o treats bags!!!! They all have received except one I hope she gets soon!!!! Well I hope you can back and leave some comments it would be nice!!!! Now I'm stitching two gifts one for my aunt. One is for my uncle!!!!! I hope to be able to finsih and I promise not to be gone for such a long time!!!! Know I will be leaving you with some pictures. The ghost, and bee cat, and the cat that halloween tree are small trick o treat bags!!!!!! The other is my sister ornament!!!! For this time this all I be back soon posting what I'm stitching!!!! your friend Lizette


  1. Lizy, these ornaments are sooo cute! I love the ghost one, it's adorable...I really like the music notes in it too :-)

    Maybe we can exchange Christmas ornaments this year, if you'd like?

  2. Great work Lizy! :)
    Is that a cat dressed up as a bumble bee?? lol so cute


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