Friday, October 28, 2011


Hi, Thank you all for your comments on my trick o treats bags!!!! Well I was sad remember in last post I said one of my friends was still waiting for her bag. Well she did not get after all. All my friends got it except her. I was all sad. Now I know to certified all my packages I sent. Well this week I been cross stitching on Snow Globes Penguins by Stoney Creek. Next week I will do Bambi and post a picture. Aslo I need to start my grand parents picture again. Well I hope you enjoy your weekend and I leave with a picture!!!! till next week your friend Lizette.


  1. Hi Lizy,

    I love your penguins! I can't wait to see it finished. Your treat bags are cute too. Have a great weekend stitching. Sherry

  2. That looks so good! You're doing great so far!

  3. they look cute so far ! ...alondra loves penguins but i havent stitched many myself

    cant wait to see your bambi progress too D


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