Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A finish!!!!

I have a finish!!!! The name of the kit is of the House Mouse!!! If you have lemons make lemonade!!!! The company that created the pattern is Dimensions a kit. I finish this weekend. I made for my uncles birthday!!! I enjoy making this for my uncles birthday!!! I bet he is going to be so happy when he gets it!!! Thank you everybody for visiting my blog and leaving me comments it makes me feel so happy !!!!! See you later Lizette. Here goes the slideshow


  1. congrats on your finish Lizy!!! It looks wonderful!!!! I sure hope your uncle enjoys it!

  2. congrats on the finish and cool slide show.way to go girl.What are you gonna stitch next?

  3. Congrats on your finish Lizette. I love it! How come I was not one of your followers? Weird! Now I am :-D

  4. I love house mouse designs. Your blog is very nice. I am sure your uncle will love it.

  5. Hey Lizy! I just found your blog the other day- you have some great work...I love the house mouse designs, they're adorable! Come on over and visit me at my blog if you'd like:

    Jodie :-)

  6. Lizy,

    It is PERFECT!!!!!

    You did a beautiful job :)

    Louise in Florida xx


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