Monday, November 22, 2010


  1. A lovely ornament you have finished and sent out for the exchange. That, biscornu is just too cute.

  2. Such a nice exchange! I love your little snowman!

  3. Hey Lizy! Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

    I'm working on Lizzie Kate's "Its a Girl Thing" with a bit of a tweak here and there. It's for Love Quilts. Once it's finished I'm thinking about stitching some little Christmas pillows for my aunts. We aren't having our family Christmas until Jan 9th so I have a bit of time still. Have you read about the Crazy January Challenge? I'm trying to get organized for that too!

    What abou you, what are you working on?

  4. you are so sweet,always stitching for others. He will love it,Kimberly


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