Friday, May 29, 2009

Panda first bear finish

I want to share after doing the panda bear for the second time I finish it today. I had to undo a lot. So this week I only stitch the panda. I think I'm only going to stitch the bears till I'm finish so I can start on something new or all started. I also have to share a picture of you of the panda. While I was stitching my cat Missy was in bag. Also thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment thank you. Well this is all about it.

despues dela primera ves que hice el oso panda lo hice de nuevo. Lo tuve que desvaratar. Creo que ahora no mas voy hacer los osos hasta que termine. Y tambien quiero compartir unas fotos contigo del oso panda y Missy. Tambien les doy alas gracias por dejandome commentarios gracias y hasta luego Lizette

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  1. awww how sweet LIzy, congrats on getting one bear done, before you know it, they will both be done


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