Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some new finishes!!!!

Hi, I have not visit my blog in a month. I was stitching while I was gone. Remember last post I said I was going to visit my friend. Well I my friend has two girls. The oldest one like Hello Kitty and the youngest one Minnie Mouse. I made her the oldest version at first she did not recognize it because she use to newer version!!!! I don't know how to sew so my mom help me. I spent a great time with my friend. Then when I came back my parents where going to visit my aunt so I decided to send her a little gift!!!! At first I did not want it to finish it. But then I decided to it was time. Right now I doing all twelve Christmas ornaments. Can I ask you a favor can please come and visit my blog and least leave a comment!!!! Well thank you your friend Lizette. I leave you with my finishes!!!! old version of minnie mouse photo 56106a05-ffa4-430a-bb6c-cb8671a38988_zpsb40bc945.jpg la virgencita guadalupe photo 601ad539-3030-40d5-83ba-b1801f87db33_zps0b7cf1e3.jpg hello kitty photo fd5e32de-b9c1-4a6d-bd8c-1a9f7783c9ea_zpsfcfb8fd7.jpg


  1. everything looks great Lizy!!! I am sure they all loved their gifts! You are such a generous stitcher!

  2. Such cute stitcheries, well done!


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