Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Tusal and a finish!!!!

Hi, I'm a day late!!!! So here I leave you with A picture with May's tusal!!!! I stitch but had some errors too!!!! So most of the time I was undoing!!!! Well here is the picture!!!!  photo a3819541-002b-4a06-8304-28826a9a6e4f_zpsa2e64b2b.jpg Now I leave you with mom's mother day gift!!!! She loves flamingos so I did one for her. I dye the fabric it was to be red but it came bright pink!!!! I use two of 814 and two strand of 310 !!!! My love her gift!!!! Here is the picture  photo 3108dd6f-ed42-4944-985f-4e91e6d2bb0f_zpsf4aa028b.jpg Can you please come back and visit my blog and least leave me a comment or two !!!! Thank you your friend Lizette.


  1. your flamingo looks great Lizy! I know your mom was very happy with her gift!


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