Friday, October 26, 2012

October Finishes!!!!

HI, I know time sure flies!!!! Next week will be Halloween. After posting a sock a monkey pirate to face book.everyone like it!!!! Some ask if they could have one. Of course I said yes. Next year if any one wants a Halloween or Christmas ornaments. We can exchange it would be a great idea. Well I wish you all a happy frightful Halloween!!!! Don't eat to much candy. Please come and leave me a comment and visit my blog. Well sorry if pictures are so big photobucket got change again and there is no slideshows. Like I always like mine. Till next time your friend Lizette. If you can all help on posting pictures it truly apreaciated!!!!


  1. theyre all so cute!!!! I especially love the pink fabric it makes the sock monkey look really bright and cheery =)

  2. they all look great Lizy! You have been busy!!!! I stitched a Christmas sock monkey a few years ago! He was popular too!

  3. What beautiful work Lizy. Love your finishes. You have certainly been busy girlfriend!

    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches


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