Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grandma needs her other half!!!!!!

Hi, Well I been doing great. I been stitching and stitching!!!! I still need sometime to go. Well as you can see I finish all the bricks that where behind my grandpa. Then I started working on grandma and today I totally finish her part of her. Now my grandparents are coming to visit me. So I have to put them up because they don't know I'm stitching them. After they Leave I get back to stitch on them and the other half of my grandma. Well I will leave you of with some pictures of them. Also I hope you can come visit my blog and leave me comments. Till next time Lizette.


  1. you are making wonderful progress on this Lizy! Sorry you have to put it away for a bit, but it will be extra fun to work on after your grandparents visit!!

  2. great progress !!! gma and gpa look really good !


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