Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hi, Thank you for taking the the time and coming over to my blog!!!! I appreciate. Well as you can see I have ask you to help me out with a poll and at least one person came!!!! thank you now I going to update weekly on my grandparents!!! till it be finish I post on Sundays cause is more easier for me then the rest of the week. Well here is my latest update I started my grandparents last year. But then I turn lazy stop working on them!!! Then this year I started with a positive attitude and started working on them more often!!!! This year I want to finish them . Like I was saying I have finish my 1st page I still need some way to go!!!! My grandma is coming along the way> I hope by next week I have some more to show to you on her. Till next time Lizette.


  1. Gracias Lizy por elogiar mi muñeco con su gato , te espero en mi blog un saludo .Vero

  2. What a great idea to stitch your grand parents !!! Hope to see more updates very soon. :)

    Hugs ♥

  3. This is looking great Lizy! I can't believe how REAL it looks....just like an actual photograph!


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