Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday April 4th

My name is Lizette. I'am 28 years old. I will be 29 April 20th. Well time sure does go bye fast. Well I live with my parents. I have two brothers and one sister. I'am the second oldest. My favorite things are spending time with my mom, going shoping and taking care of my cat Missy she is a Maine Coon. She is so funny I usally buy toys for her but she does not like them she likes paper, and plastic things from the milk galons well that's Missy. Also another thing I enjoy doing is cross stitching up to know I have finish everything I got from cross stitch right now I'am doing a suprise for my grand parents. Well I think this about me. When I finish and give the picture to my grandparents I will put the picture well bye Lizette

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